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I give up. Well, no I don’t, but I feel like giving up. Nothing works! Me, the sugar rat, have avoided candy, baked goods, pop/soda, jam…everything for 31 days.

On top of that I’ve now spent three weeks on Weight Watchers, AND started excercising, but it makes no difference. The weight is staying on 😦 Three weeks worth of hard work and a total loss of 0,8 kg (1,7 lbs). That’s just ridiculous. This week I lost nothing. Zilch. Exactly the same weight as last week.

My husband, who’s not even on Weight Watchers, just minding what he’s eating a bit more, is losing close to a kilo every week!

I have to call my doctor and ask her to please, please, let me stop taking cortisone tablets. Because I blame them. To 100 %.

Yep, that's me alright. To the right :(

Yep, that’s me alright. To the right 😦



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Also known as 10 weeks till Christmas. Because that’s all there’s left until there’s a knock on the door and a “Ho, ho, ho” can be heard.

Thus, Weigh-in-Wednesdays make their comeback starting tomorrow. Of course, the ultimate goal is to lose 10 kgs for the wedding, but losing 5 kgs till Christmas would be a very good start. Weight Watchers here I come!

Come Christmas, this should be me (without the boob job) 😉

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And…we’re home 🙂 With five days to spare I’ve reached my first goal – to lose 7,5 kg by June 1st. Yay! My pants are falling off and all my bras are too big (goddammit – I hate that part of weight loss).

P, the bf, says it sounds crazy that I should’ve lost that much weight in the time we’ve been together, but it’s true. At work people say there’s nothing left of me which of course is total bs, but even so – it’s nice that people notice and actually mention it!

So, time for a new goal then, eh? Well…I said in March that “The ultimate goal is to shift a total of 13,5 kg, and if I manage that for December I’ll be pleased”. That still goes, but I may attempt at something a little more – I’m going to aim for another 6-9 kg lost by December 16th when I board a plane for Bali. Sound feasible? I’ll need an entire new wardrobe by then, granted, but I should be able to wear my favourite pair of jeans (a pair of Wrangler’s) again – woohoo!

So – onwards and upwards! I won’t bore you with as regular updates from now on, maybe monthly or so. But – thanks for all your support so far!

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It’s been two weeks since the last weigh-in update, but that doesn’t mean I’ve bailed out – no no! Last week, no 10, I came within 100 g of my goal – so close! – and then I sat on my ass for four days, eating, in a canoe, and I bounced right back up again to where I was week 9. Or, close to it at least. I now, again, have 1,1 kg to lose in a mere 12 days…will I make it? I don’t know if they’re taking bets on it, but you might want to find out. 😉

I honestly think some of it is down to building muscles too. I’m keeping up with my running routine, and almost even missed it when I was out canoeing. Crazy, I know. This fine morning I did the usual island lap and added more to it at the end – tough going, but I did it! That run I signed up for is approaching at a frightening pace, so I need to get myself psyched for that…

Ok…here we go!

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And…I’m back. Back where I was two weeks ago, or at least very close to it. I lost -0,7 kg this past week, so I now have 1,4 kg to go in 3,5 weeks. It should be achievable, what with my new crazy running idea.

I hate jogging. Like, literally hate it. It’s just about the worst thing I know, always has been. Up until a couple of weeks ago I’d never ran more than 3 km at any one point in my life. Ever. And now my morning run is 4,6 km. Crazy. It takes me like a good 40 mins, so I’m by no means fast, but then again I don’t need to be, I just want to burn fat.

And here’s the real kicker (for which I entirely blame you, Tasha) – I’ve signed up for a bloody run. Like, an organized run (Blodomloppet) in the city. It’s 5 km, and for a good cause – to promote giving blood. It’s our sports club at work that’s been pestering us about joining in. Ok, so they didn’t really pester us, but there were a couple of e-mails about it. So, on June 9th I will, 1,5 kg less heavy, run myself to an early death. Without a doubt.

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DOH! I knew it would happen, of course it would! So why didn’t I get my act together sooner?! You want to know why, like really know why? Because I’m stupid is why. Sigh. I’ve lost my momentum. I’ve gained weight in the last week. Goddammit. And just when did this become a weight-loss blog anyway? Booooring!

I’ve gained 0,8 kg, so over a pound, and now have 2,1 kg to lose (again) in 4,5 weeks – so the pressure is on. Since my knee is back in order I’m going to up my level of excercise from now on, and I started by heading out for a run with my best friend and neighbour at 6 am this morning. We jogged over to the next island over from us and did a full lap and back. She’s in much better shape than I, so she pushed me on which was great. We said we’d try and do it twice a week, and then I’m buying a bike on Friday, so starting next week I’ll be biking to and from work – 10 km total every day.

I WILL reach my goal, so help me God, or whoever else that might care. Bring on June 1st, I’m sooo ready!

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Late report from Wednesday’s weigh-in. Something’s seriously messed up. It’s like I’ve gained momentum, and it’s just doing it’s own thing now. I think it was almost the third week where I didn’t fill in what I ate or really keep track of much at all, and yet I lost a bit. How? I have no idea. It wasn’t much, but a bit; -0,2 kg. New total so far:  -6,2 kg with 1,3 kg to go in 5 weeks.

My knee is much better after the latest cortisone shot on Wednesday, and I went jogging this morning, so I’m getting back into the groove 🙂 Even bought a jacket for running/jogging during lunch today! My new life has started – the motto is “Denna dagen, ett liv” ~ “This day, one life”.

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A very brief post as today’s the busiest day of the year at work. Just to keep in line with my updates – this week I for reasons unknown managed to lose -0,6 kg (roughly 1 lb). Don’t know how it happened, but am glad it did. And this in spite of my knee collecting fluids again/still – it’s the size of a football and hurts like hell – and having my period (tmi? sorry!).  New total so far:  -6 kg with 1,5 kg to go in 6 weeks.

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Easter’s come and gone, and I was expecting a backlash after pigging out for several days, and not for a second following any kind of routine or diet.

As opposed to last week I had way too much alcohol this past week, not that I was drunk, I just had a drink or two every day…ok maybe not, but it felt like it. We had a work-do on Wednesday that started with a wonderful glass of Leffe (on an empty stomach – ouch!) and ended with a fabulous bottle of red at the restaurant Kungsholmen. I have no idea of what wine it was, and I didn’t drink more than maybe two glasses, but still – that’s as much alcohol as I’m allowed in a week. So the following night I drank rose, the night after that beer and wine, and the night after that beer…oi oi.

Add to this the wonderful chocolate eggs, and quite frankly chocolate in any old shape, that have been on offer everywhere and you expect to gain a bit of weight. Not lose another kilo. Which is what I did. -1,0 kg brings the new total so far to -5,3 kg with 2,1 kg to go in 7 weeks.

It’s crazy – it seems like all I ever write now are these WiW posts; how can a week go by so fast?! Anyway, I’ll be expecting a delayed set-back next week, because at some point I’m sure I’ll have to pay for the Easter indulgence… (Do you think happiness could have anything to do with it? The weight-loss, I mean? Because I’m very happy. Sick all the time, but happy 🙂 ).

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It’s that time again. Wednesday time. Weigh-in time. But it’s been an okay week, and – you’ll be so impressed by this! – not a single pint went down! I had a glass of wine and a cocktail (fig – it was amazing!), but that was it.

It’s taken a few weeks, but you know what? I’ve reached the point where I actually don’t really want candy, and this is a HUGE achievement for me! Candy has been available, even offered, to me, and I’ve said “no thank you”. It feels incredible! Weird, and incredible. Ice-cream still goes down, but my throat’s still somewhat upset, so that’s why.

I hate wearing a belt, and it’s becoming a problem since most pairs of pants are quite loose at the waist now, unless I’ve taken them straight out of the dryer… But I don’t really want to go out and by new pants yet, since I intend to lose more. Hm.

I have a digital scale, and it acts up a little from time to time, so this morning it was fidgeting between two different weights, and I decided to go with the higher one just in case. Apparently I have reached some sort of equilibrium where my weight loss is at a steady pace of -0,5 kg/week (1 lb), which I’m quite happy about. So, the new total thus far is -4,3 kg with 3,1 kg to go.

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