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I promised you some pictures, and here’s a link to our photographer’s blog. She’s put some up there, and I’ll be sure to post some more once we’re back from Scotland!

Link to photos


PS. It was magical!

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So, only two days to go. Until our wedding!!! Crazy. It’s finally here. I’m sorry I haven’t blogged at all this spring and summer, but I haven’t found the time or energy.

I’d say everything is prepared, what remains is to pack, buy groceries and pick people up from the airport.

Yesterday my Canadian parents arrived – their second time in Sweden (read about their first visit here).

Today their son with wife arrives, as well as three Australians. Tomorrow two friends from London as well as another two from Australia flies in. I’m so lucky to have friends like them!

Once this is all “over” I’ll tell you everything! Until then – keep safe, hsppy and enjoy your summer!

This is where we’ll say our “I do’s”.

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Ok, so this’ll be my last bit of wedding blogging for a while. At least in terms of DIYs. Why? I think I’ve already made everything I can!

After finishing the hairpiece yesterday, I immediately started the next project: making a backdrop for our “photo booth”. We’ll be taking photos, but not in a booth. I’ve already made some props for it, but needed a background.

A couple of years ago we were at a friend’s wedding, and I loved their photo idea, it was so classy and beautiful. But as you know, I’m neither of those, so I’ve completely fallen for the quirky photo booth idea. I just didn’t know what to do for a background.

Once again – Pinterest is the best way to get ideas, and this time was no exception. (You can follow me on Pinterest here – I have loads of pins, not least wedding related ones 😉 )

I found one I really liked, you can see it in the gallery below. Now, all I had to do was to sew it…

And……ta-da! I think it’ll be great – we just need to find a good place to hang it, and put someone in charge of photographing, then people can just goof away 🙂



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I’ve finally had my last exam in the course I’m taking through work, and I’m now looking forward to some actual free time – woohoo! Lucky for me this sudden “freedom” to do what I want coincides with a (rare) weekend when A’s away, and thus I can spend all weekend DIY-ing for the wedding! 🙂

So, this was my latest project – making a hairpiece for myself to wear on The day. Or maybe wear, I haven’t entirely given up on the idea of wearing a flower or two in my hair…

I was inspired by this picture and post that I found on Pinterest:

Hairpiece DIY "instructions"

Hairpiece DIY “instructions”

I love the picture where the bride has it in her hair! Granted, her hair is blonder than mine, but I still think that maybe it’d look quite nice in my hair too? I like the delicate look, and since I’ll be wearing lace perhaps it’ll make a nice accessory?

Anyway, I went to Panduro and bought some gold wire and a packet of beads:

The smaler roll of wire was 0,3 mm thick, and unfortunately it constantly broke. The bigger roll is 0,4 mm, and's it's worked really well!

The smaller roll of wire was 0,3 mm thick, and unfortunately it constantly broke. The bigger roll was a bit thicker, 0,4 mm wide, and it worked really well!

…and then I started guessing and twisting until I thought it kind of looked like the one in the picture:

Twisting and twisting, trying to make it look like the one in the picture!

Twisting and twisting, trying to make it look like the one in the picture!

And this is how it turned out! I have no idea of how it’s supposed to stay in place in my hair, but I guess that’s for the hairdresser to figure out, eh?

Tacky? Pretty? You decide!

Tacky? Pretty? You decide!

PS. All that twisting will hurt your fingers a bit, just a heads-up!

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I’ve been having some crafty fun this Easter, but not painting Easter eggs! Rather, I’ve been prepping this summer’s wedding photo booth props. I’ve seen kits you can buy online, but none in the Swedish shops. So, after seeing a friend’s pics from Saint Paddy’s Day where they were fooling around with sparkly green moustaches I decided I’d make my own!

I bought sparkly foam paper in a couple of different colours at Panduro, a crafts store, and I already had wooden skewers and glue at home.

Here’s some of the resulting ‘taches and lips, whaddaya think?!:

Grab a prop and strike a pose!

Grab a prop and strike a pose!

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So, you’ve never been to a Swedish wedding? Don’t know how it differs from a wedding in your country?

Well, A put together a little infographic, a “guide” if you will, telling you more about the facts and figures. Enjoy! (You’re more than welcome to use or share this, but please do it with a link to A’s blog – that’ll make him happy).

95 days and counting...

95 days and counting…

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100 days remain until I marry my best friend, my darling, my everything.

Wow. So much to get done in that time! We still need to sort out music, the menu, the ceremony, flowers…..to mention a few.

It’s insanely exciting to see the RSVPs drop in though – oh my! People are coming from as far away as Australia and Canada just to celebrate our day, isn’t that amazing? It certainly makes us feel very grateful to have such dear and special friends present for our big day. Love you, peeps!

And so the countdown begins...!

And so the countdown begins…!

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I’m not feeling very well. It feels like my lungs are full of worms and my whole chest feels really itchy, not to mention the cough… So I’ve spent the weekend sewing wedding decorations instead of going out or doing anything social!

I’ve basically finished the ring bearer pillow, just need to fill/stuff it – what do you think? Tacky or cute?!


Design courtesy of this blogger 😉

And the bunting, how much do you recon I need? I’ve got some 47,5 m finished already, how much more should I sew?


47,5 meters of bunting all wrapped up. Better not forget this ziploc when we leave for the wedding!

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Remember how disappointed I was when the organza bags I’d ordered for my wedding favours were delivered in the wrong colour? Well I’m equally ecstatic about the  ones I picked up today! Check these puppies out!:

Hot pink and orange organza bags for our wedding favours!

And as if that wasn’t enough, the store I ordered from this time – Ideabus on eBay – also put in a few extra samples of organza bags in different colours:

If I ever need organza bags again, this is where I’ll order from!

Needless to say, I’m very pleased with my order!

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Saturday just past my sister, also my bridesmaid, and I went dress shopping in Stockholm. Not just for any old dress, but for my wedding dress!

The only dress with straps (too long ones). Unfortunately too short, but look at the figure!

We headed to the shop Bröllopsbutiken, on St Eriksgatan, where my sister bought her dress 9 years ago. We figured we’d start there, but I might as well confess right off that we didn’t make it to any other wedding shop.

We got there at the same time as another bride-to-be and her two friends (possibly bridesmaids), and there was another girl with future husband in the shop. It wasn’t a particularly big shop, nothing like the ones you see in North America, but it had eight racks of dresses in different styles, so there was still plenty to choose from.

Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take photos when trying the dresses on 😦 only if we decided on buying one, so the pictures I have we took when the staff weren’t looking.

In total I tried on five dresses. I said right away I was after something with lace, but not a strapless dress. Well, fashion being what it is, essentially all wedding dresses are strapless right now, so I wasn’t exactly spoilt for choice in that aspect. All of one out of the five had straps. Oh well.

Possible future order…

At first we browsed through all the dresses, deciding on where to start. I’m quite a big girl (in spite of weigh-in-Wednesdays), size 12-ish, and most of the dresses were unfortunately size 6-8, so not a perfect fit. What I quickly realized however is that lace up backs work magic; I got such an hourglass figure when the lady laced me up, I mean – wow! Unfortunately, I find them horrendously ugly 😦

I immediately spotted one that was quite plain, had lace at the top and was lovely, in spite of it being strapless. It was the last one, of the ones I’d chosen, that I tried on. I really liked it, and when I tried it on with an organza bolero (with a regal collar), and a pink ribbon at the waist, well, I loved it.

It’s a 2012 model, so if I want it I have to order it before December 1st. Tough choices ahead, to say the least… To make matters worse, or at least more difficult, it has a 4 month delivery time. How can that be? I mean, it’s not a custom size, it’s a regular size, so why would it take 4 months? How do I know what my figure will be in early April?!

It’d be nice if I could order it myself, straight from the maker, but although I’ve found the dress online, I can’t seem to find where to get it. Can any of you help me? Please!

Oh, and what do you think of the dress?!

Plain is my middle name, so I think this is the dress I want. At least for now…


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