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As anyone who has had the benefit of listening to my iPod will tell you, my musical taste is somewhat eclectic. I have all the CDs I’ve ever owned on that thing, as well as stuff more recently bought off iTunes. This means you’ll have the pleasure of listening to anything and everything between Wilson Phillips and Metallica, but not without a fair amount of country, boy-bands, old time folk, brit pop, Swedish hits, and alternative stuff from the grunge era. Thus, it should not surprise you that I in one and the same week in August will go see two huge artists that you just wouldn’t normally even think about, probably in the same week.

Mom contacted me on msn yesterday to let me know she had access to two Madonna tickets through someone at work if I was keen; “Ja, för fan!” was my obvious response, roughly translating into “Hell yes!”. Awesome, eh?! It’s her Sticky & Sweet tour, which means nothing to me as I haven’t bought anything of hers since the Ray of Light album. But even so – like I wrote in my post on MJ, I’ve always dreamed of seeing him and Madonna live, and at least now one of those will come true.

I don’t know if anyone’s game to come with me (shout if you are!), but on August 14th country legend Alan Jackson is in Sweden to play at a race track in Eskilstuna (“why there?” I hear you ask, and all I can reply is “roger that” i.e. I haven’t a clue), and I’m SO there!!! So please, if anyone’s keen to get your cowboy on, let me know 🙂

A friend of mine that I travel to Brussels with for work lives in Eskilstuna and is a member of Eskilstuna Ölkultur, a micro brewery that runs a pub (Fridays and Saturdays only) on a membership basis. You’re allowed to visit as a (registered) guest once, after that you need to be a member. How cool, eh?! Luckily Kattis will be in town on the 14th, and I will finally see the inside of this pub, and drink this beer I’ve heard so much about!

What a fun month August will be!!!

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Favourite quotes please!


You haven’t missed that I’ve added a new page, have you? If so – go straight there and add your favourite movie quote!

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Opening Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, January 18, 2009

Pete Seeger and his grandson Tao perform with Bruce Springsteen on "This Land is Your Land" during the We Are One: Opening Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, January 18, 2009

Just a quick note to say there’s something about that big slab of land out west that I can’t help but love! The grandeur of their celebrations and such is only one example. I sat in front of the TV with goose bumps for a full two hours last night, whilst watching the “We Are One: Opening Inaugural Celebration”. OMG – what an incredible show!

No less than three of my favourites were there: Jon Bon Jovi (me = geek), Jack Black and Garth Brooks. The latter did an awesome job with a somewhat uncharacteristic medley, and finished with his own hit “We shall be free”, but what really brought it all home, was when the as a grand finale brought on Pete Seeger!!!

This 89-year old legend had his grandson (Tao Rodriguez-Seeger) with him on stage and together with Bruce Springsteen they sang Woody Guthrie’s “This land is your land”. Naturally – I cried. Fingers crossed all goes well for President Obama tomorrow.

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