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No part of my body hurts (hooray!), a colleague said I looked slimmer overall (hooray), and the sun is shining.

Added to which I’m now able to see the earrings I’m wearing when looking in the mirror (which I couldn’t do when I had the classic cortisone “moon face”, heck – I couldn’t even see my earlobes!)!

Hoorays all around, eh?! Oh, and AIK is going to beat Ellos (read: Elfsborg) tonight. 🙂


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Because I can! 😊 

Sweden’s main kiosk chain is celebrating spring with half price on all ice cream 😳👏🏻 This is my fave – Magnum with almonds 😜

Now I’m off to football- forza AIK! 

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This is my 11th year as a season ticket holder for AIK, Sweden’s biggest and best team. 

I’m usually very inspired at the start of the season, but this year I’m more like “meh”. Don’t know why.

Anyway, tonight was this season’s first game, against Sundsvall GIF. A game we should’ve won, but only tied… 

The tifo at the start of the game


Here’s an awesome 90 second video – in English! – about the club.

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The past few days have made me realize how some of my hobbies are very un-female. They are in fact very male.

This crossed my mind at the soccer game on Wednesday, as I was cherishing the goose bumps I always get when the crowd sings “Vi ser hur solen stiger över Råsunda“, and I was looking around me at all the singing men holding their scarfs up, turning the stadium black and yellow. I couldn’t see a single woman. Not one! I know there are a few (literally) in the area close-ish to where we sit, but none of them were visible at that very moment. And I don’t mind. On the contrary. I like getting a glimpse of what it’d be like “to be” a guy.

The other time I was struck by being one of very few women was yesterday, when A and I were at the Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival. We both love beer (we’ve been called beer snobs more than once!), and A brews his own here at home in the kitchen, so it was a great day for us (we sampled no less than 21 different brews!). Perhaps it comes as no surprise that the majority of the people at a beer event are men, but again – I kind of liked it. Another glimpse into a world that’s not mine 🙂

Good thing I’m wedding planning too, get som balance in my life 😉

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“A couple of weeks ago my auntie took me and my mom to my first ever football game. It was such an exciting day – let me tell you about it!

For my first birthday auntie Em made me a member of the world’s best club – AIK – and I’m of course still a member today. Every so often I get a magazine in the mail with my new friend Gnagis on the cover. I also have an AIK flag that my auntie gave me after an icehockey game, and she’s also taught me me some chants and songs during my childhood. My mom’s cousin Sebbe tried to trick me into telling auntie Em that I cheered for another team, but I knew better and answered his question about what I was going to tell her with: “Heja AIK!” – I could see in her face that I’d made her proud! 🙂

I brought my flag along as we headed for the game. I’d been told there’d be a “Gnagisland” outside the arena before the game, and that maybe I’d get to meet Gnagis there, but yet I had no idea of how fun was in store for me! ( so it was a good thing I had a snooze in the car on the way there).

The first fun thing we came across at Gnagisland was a girl who made balloon sculptures, and she made me a black and yellow flower – very cool!  I tried to chew on it, but neither mom nor auntie Em approved… Next, I spotted Gnagis!!! One year ago auntie Em took me to meet Fifi (from one of my fave TV-shows, Fifi and the Flowertots), but I was really shy and was the very last one there who dared go up and hug her…but not this time! I walked right up to Gnagis and gave him a hug – he was sooo soft and nice!

All the kids I saw had their faces painted, so naturally I wanted that too. We stood in line, and when it finally was my turn I asked for a butterfly. I looove butterflies, and this was at least the third one I’ve had painted on my face. I got a yellow and black one painted on my cheek, and afterwards I asked the girl to please write AIK on my forehead too 🙂 Auntie Em was amazed and impressed – hehe!!

By this time I already had my sight set on the massive bouncy castle a little further away… We scooped up another black balloon with the AIK emblem in gold on our way there, and then I elbowed my way up the stairs among all the big kids, before I fearlessly threw myself down the slide after shouting “Heja AIK!” on the top. Mom tried to tell me several times that it was the last ride, but I know I’m awfully cute, so I managed to get a few more rides in…hehe 😉

My first live football adventure - a day full of excitement!

Further down the big parking lot where Gnagisland was held I saw a big red fire truck, and I ran for it! Totally ignoring the long queue of kids and parents, I ran straight for the door and climbed up the ladder. Inside the truck I got to try on a fireman’s helmet and talk to a real fireman! I thought this was for sure all the fun I was to have, but no – auntie Em had already queued up for me to go on a pony ride too – score!!!

Auntie Em never saw me ride the pony (“look at me – I’m on a horse“), as she’d already gone to where she has season tickets, but mom and I went to buy some popcorn and a drink before finding our seats. We stayed the whole game. We only left because I needed to use the toilet. Badly.

Yeah, so that was my first football adventure. Perhaps auntie Em will take me to another one when I get a little older?! I hope so :)”.

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I’m talking about what went down on the football field between Syrianska and AIK yesterday afternoon. I didn’t see the game, or rather – the 20 minutes of it that were actually played – but I listened to the aftermath on the radio, and I’ve read the papers today. It was a disgrace, clear and simple. Fireworks were thrown onto the pitch, and one unfortunately went off very close to a ref whose hearing was impaired. So sad. I don’t care what team’s hooligans it was, it’s a disgrace either way. I choose not to call them supporters, because they’re not. They’re hooligans, and should be banned from the football arenas for a very long time. It seriously can’t be impossible to identify them. People who know who they were and don’t come out and say it are cowards – stand up for our teams and clubs, dammit!

You can read more about this shameful event here: DN, SvD, Aftonbladet, Expressen, The Local. Oh, and I totally agree with Johan Esk in DN and Erik Niva in Aftonbladet – it’s the individuals that should be punished, not the team or the club as collective punishment simply doesn’t work, it just feeds resentment.

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You all know how much I love football, right? And how much I love AIK, my team? Well, last night I’d convinced the boys, at least a couple of them, to come with me to also watch some icehockey. AIK being our team in hockey too, naturally. They played a team called SSK from the next town south of Stockholm, Södertälje [Sötälyeah], so it was sort of a derby. We’d lost the two previous games against them this season, so we really needed revenge.

I met the boys in Gamla Stan, and we headed to the mighty golden arches for a quick meal before heading to the arena for drinks (read: beer) at the AIK pub, in order to get into the right spirit and atmosphere. We shot the shit for a bit, realizing just how little we know of hockey, but still giving me a chance to shine with my knowledge of AIK hockey from yesteryears, and then got chatting to the young lads whose table we’d occupied. They turned out to be from way down south in the country, a county called Blekinge, and were a mere 20 years old. But – they were hardcore fans, and had come to town for the game alone – making the 1 000 km return trip in one day. Impressive. Seriously – that’s very impressive. We almost felt ashamed for not coming to more games ourselves. Petros bought them a beer each though, so they were totally happy. Bless!

It surprises even myself that this is the kind of place and crowd I choose to hang out at/with in my spare time...

Then the game started. It wasn’t sold out, but some 6 300 people were there (a decent crowd for hockey in Stockholm these days), and they all cheered for the home team. My team. AIK. It was awesome – the atmosphere was electrifying, the crowd roared throughout the whole game – we had so much fun!!! AIK was the far better team, and they beat the crap out of SSK. The board showed 5-2 at the end of the game, just like the two proper derbys against DIF have ended 🙂

Just before the players entered the ice through the castle...

What I believe I will remember and cherish most from last night’s game though is something entirely different. You all know how sports fans are seen as hooligans, who fight over nothing, seek and destroy? This certainly goes for AIK fans. The writing about them, that is, not at all what they are like. The majority, at least. Well, perhaps it’s time for y’all to reconsider the truth in what you read.

Back in the 90’s when I used to see a lot of hockey, there was a guy with Down’s syndrome in the “cheering section” of AIK, where the young supporters do their thing. Back then there were also some 10-20 young pretty ladies with golden pom-poms who walked to the different sections, and danced to music in the breaks of the game. Well, this guy loved them – almost as much as he loved to dance, so he’d walk with them and dance too. It was most entertaining and endearing. Now that I think about it, there’s another guy with Down’s syndrome who comes to the footy games too, and even though he seems to be there on his own, he’s always accepted by everyone, and everyone more or less looks out for him.

The situation was similar last night. Halfway into the third period we noticed (couldn’t help but notice!) a young man with Down’s syndrome hollering in row one of the seats, facing up – turned towards the rest of the crowd. He had an AIK scarf tied around one wrist and was waving it about as he bellowed “AAAaaaaaaaaah!”, loudly and repeatedly. He moved to the next section and repeated the procedure, and then again and again. Eventually he was walking up into the cheering section, and I, being an over-protective person, got a little worried. But I needn’t have been. Instead they started calling, in unison; “Jonas, Jonas – give us a song!”, in response to which he kept bellowing “AAAaaaaaaaaah!”, and them in turn responding with “AAAAAAA”…..”IIIIIII”…..”KKKKKK”……..”AIK”!!! It was so nice to hear! And then, instead of doing the usual chant “Vi älskar Gnaget!” [We love AIK!] they changed the wording to “Vi älskar Jonas!” [We love Jonas!], and I almost started crying… I’m such a softie at heart. But, I mean – how much of that do you see in the papers? The love and acceptance of everyone in the group, regardless of handicap, skin colour etc.? Nothing. Well – it’s there. And now you know.

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