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Today I travelled through three countries on a train. THREE! On the same train! And it only took 3,5 hrs! I love Europe! (Exclamation point overload).

I got on the train, Thalys, in Amsterdam, after my conference finished, and travelled through the Netherlands, Belgium and France. Final stop for me and the train: Gare du Nord, Paris. Et voila!

It was so convenient. And cheap. My second class ticket cost me EUR 35. There’s no way I could’ve found a flight that cheap. And – I got to see the landscape!

Holland, somewhere between Rotterdam and the Belgian border


Somewhere between Antwerp and Brussels in Belgium

Coming into Gare du Nord in Paris

Coming into Gare du Nord in Paris

It would take close to 5 hrs for me to just leave the country by train if I left from Stockholm… Just saying 😉

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…to have clean, fresh, air to breathe, and frequent blue skies.

Just a reflection after our trip to China.

We're lucky to see this.

We’re lucky to see this.

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We’re back at home. It was a great trip, and we’ve seen lots of China, but it feels good to breathe fresh air again! 😉

We were treated to a beautiful sunset upon arriving to the house too!   

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Today is the last day of our trip to China, and we’ve spent it in Beijing. In the morning we took the subway to one of the city’s hutongs. There, we went on a tour in a rickshaw – fun! 

My father-in-law and us in our rickshaws


As a stark contrast to the hutong, we proceeded to spend the afternoon in Sanlitan – an upscale shopping centre 😊 Hubby got to shop for some clothes, so he’s happy!

For dinner we had the mandatory Peking duck, and it was good! 

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This morning we had a cooking class. I didn’t at all feel up to it on the way there, but it was great fun! 

First of all we went to the market. They had everything you can imagine: crayfish, toads, eels, carp fish – all alive. All the vegetables I know of and then some. And butcher shops…

That’s where I turned around, as we’d been told beforehand that there’d be dogs there… 😳 And there were. I saw some hanging on a hook 😞

But okay, back to the class: it was fun. We all prepared three dishes, and got to have them for lunch after class. Hubby bought a knife, so he’s happy too.  

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Today we visited a silk carpet factory and an art museum/gallery. At the latter we got to practice calligraphy, and let me tell you – it’s hard!

At first I used too much ink and everything got messed up. Then I messed up all the strokes in the Chinese signs anyway. 😕

Tonight we fly to Guilin…

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But a massive one! Built out of terracotta some 2 200 years ago. Massive.   I didn’t know it was destroyed by angry peasants before it was finished, but it was. Only one out of some predicted 8000 (!) sculptures have been found intact. All the others must be pieced together, piece by piece. 

It’s like a giant puzzle without a picture to follow…

PS. I feel much better!

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