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Today I’ve blogged on my other blog, Äntligen Emma, about how to renovate the classic Swedish AWAB stool. Check it out!

This is the result! I'm very pleased.

This is the result! I’m very pleased.

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We’ve been out looking for inspiration for our big bathroom (currently non-existent), that we’ll renovate in November, today. It went so-so. The store we were heading to, Kakeldax, was closed. On a Sunday. Boo. Seriously, isn’t Sunday the one day when people have time to go to these shops? So, that sucked. But we found some other shops, and ended up buying wallpaper for the bedroom instead:

Ct-Brix (ArabesqueMC)  -  Epson1_060307-2

But, back to the bathroom. Do you have any suggestions or advice to give us, things we should think about? It’s a big room, 16 square meters, and will also house our laundry room.

At the moment we’re thinking mosaic tiles on the floor, preferably colourful, and white subway tiles on the walls. A double sink is a must, as is a shower. Considering my crap joints we’ve decided on getting a bathtub with massage functions too.

Naturally we’re pinning away on Pinterest, but do you have other suggestions on how to collect, remember and manage ideas we come across?

Oh, by the way, six more days and it’s honeymoon time! Woohoo!!!

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