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Last night a Swedish prince was born! Hooray! He is third in the line of succession after his mother, Crown Princess Victoria, and his sister, princess Estelle.

It’s a baby, and they’re not all that fun, but what is fun are names! The King announced that he shall be called Oscar Carl Olof. Carl after our King Carl Gustaf, and Olof after his other grandfather. 

I had two out of three right, but I thought they’d spring some surprise on us for the first name, like they did with Estelle (sounds like an escort). My bet was on Eugene after this guy, or Hubertus after this guy. I’m very pleased with Oscar 😊

Of course, now Oscar will become the most popular name for boys again, but that’s okay because we’ve already decided on a different name (if we get a boy). 

The Royal family on the way home from the hospital 👑🍼🇸🇪


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There’s much to be done to spruce up this place, but given the view – let’s just say it has potential! September 21st it’s ours!




9532787 9532788  9532790 9532791 9532792   9532796 9532797 9532798


9549009 9549010

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I promised you some pictures, and here’s a link to our photographer’s blog. She’s put some up there, and I’ll be sure to post some more once we’re back from Scotland!

Link to photos


PS. It was magical!

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Happy New Year!

We’ve spent the last 10 days on the Swedish island Gotland, and we’re here for a few more. Both Christmas and New Year’s were thus quite relaxed and low-key, as we had no one to go, or come, visit.

Only A, myself and my parents were here for New Year’s Eve so it was a nice relaxing dinner where we struggled to stay awake until midnight… We made it though! And then we headed straight to bed and all slept until almost 10 am. Crazy. That never happens!

Yesterday we went for a walk for some much needed exercise, and to check out the new year here in Fårösund. When we arrived on December 23rd we had to spend a good 30 mins shovelling snow away from the driveway in strong winds and -5 C temperatures – hard to believe when you see the pictures I took yesterday, eh? Quite dark and dreary. We’ve seen lots of rain after Christmas. I hate rain.

My hopes and wishes for 2013 is that all goes well in the preparations for our wedding, that I pass my course (work related) with flying colours, and that we perhaps can start a family. Preferrably in larger accommodations… If all those were to come true, 2013 really would be the year “it all will happen”. Here’s hoping!

What are your hopes and dreams for 2013? I sure hope they all come true!

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It’s that time of the year again – time to dress up in white and carry lit candles in your hair. What I’m on about? Lucia of course! You can read about it in some of my posts from previous years (Lucia and the third of advent, What is that? Is that Genghis?!?), or just watch this informative clip about the Swedish tradition:

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“Brace yourselves. Winter is coming”. Is what someone ought to have told us last week, because – BAAM!! – here it is. On Friday morning as I left home in my 6 am cab I was greeted by a beautiful layer of snow. By the evening, when I arrived back home from Gothenburg, rather delayed i might add, there was a lot more snow on the ground. And that’s when the temperature started dropping. On Saturday I had my long-johns on for the annual Christmas market, and on Sunday – whoa! – temperatures dropped below -10 C.

Gorgeous view on my way to work on Tuesday morning. But cold, -13 C, 8 F.

Gorgeous view on my way to work on Tuesday morning. But cold, -13 C, 8 F…

However the really heavy snowfall didn’t start until yesterday evening. A and I were slip-sliding around on the city streets, and ended up catching the bus instead of the quicker tube just so we could skip 100 metres of the walk home. But this morning, oh boy, talk about waking up to a winter wonderland! The snow has been dumping down all day, the airports are closed, buses aren’t running, the tube is irregular – the system is almost entirely shut down. And you know what? I LOVE IT!!!

It’s so awesome to get a reminder that we’re really not in control of anything, at least not when it matters. Nature runs this ship, called Earth.

The view from my office window - notice the woman, bottom left, shovelling to get her car out? She'd been at it for an hour...

The view from my office window – notice the woman, bottom left, shovelling to get her car out? She’d been at it for an hour…

Walking home was a bit of an adventure. I didn’t walk the whole way (thank God), but figured I might as well hit some shops and give the snow plows a chance to catch up. The shops were deserted – it was like I was the last person in town – woohoo!

Almost home! On top of the hedge you can see how much snow we've had - today! And the bikers...see them? Crazy!

Almost home! On top of the hedge you can see how much snow we’ve had – today! And the bikers…see them? Crazy!

Down below are some more pictures of Stockholm in it’s beautiful brand new white coat!

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ABBA is the best-known popular music band from Sweden, and probably the only one that ranks among the best-known in the world. Well, there’s more to Swedish music than ABBA, let me tell you.

I’m currently in love with two bands. And, unusually enough, they’re both Swedish. One band I wrote about just a week ago – First Aid Kit. I’d heard about them from friends, but didn’t really “get” how fantastically awesome they are until I saw them on the TV show “Skavlan” in February. Watch/listen to the clip below and you’ll see why. The song is called Emmylou (and remains my favourite):

How amazing are those voices, eh?! You can read more about them, and – if you’re lucky – see if they’re coming on tour in your city/country anytime soon on their website. The concert last weekend was spectacular, it’s rare that a band is even better live than on their CD!

Okay, so that’s my first suggestion for you to check out – First Aid Kit. Next up is Mando Diao. Not to be mixed up with Manu Chao 😉

I remember hearing about them years ago when I was living abroad, but I never really started listening to them “properly”. Not until now. Embarrassingly enough (at least that’s how A feels) we “discovered” them through Skavlan on TV as well. Usually they’re an alternative rock band, but now they’ve put music to ten poems by Swedish poet Gustaf Fröding. The album, which was released Oct. 31st, is called Infruset. Here’s the first single from the album, Strövtåg i hembygden:

I realize most of you don’t understand Swedish, but just listen! Isn’t it just beautiful?!

Well, that’s my contribution for today. You know what’ll be playing in my headphones tomorrow!

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