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Finally the scales gave me what I wanted and desperately needed: a lower number! Yay 🙂

Over this past week I lost 1,2 kgs which is roughly 2,5 lbs. It’s pretty crappy over two weeks since there’s lots to lose, but hey – I’ll take it. I really needed some encouragement after last week when I didn’t lose anything.

My husband, recently called confectioner on national tv (he’s not), has been baking up a storm recently, as well as cooking bacon every darn day and the house smells soooo good. But with this encouraging result I will manage to stay clear of the kitchen and eat my fruit and quark without suffering too much. Yeah, I guess we need to talk about quark soon too…

When you read tomorrow’s post you might think I’ve forgotten all that I’ve just written, but trust me, it’s all been calculated for! 😉

What a cliffhanger, eh?!


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I give up. Well, no I don’t, but I feel like giving up. Nothing works! Me, the sugar rat, have avoided candy, baked goods, pop/soda, jam…everything for 31 days.

On top of that I’ve now spent three weeks on Weight Watchers, AND started excercising, but it makes no difference. The weight is staying on 😦 Three weeks worth of hard work and a total loss of 0,8 kg (1,7 lbs). That’s just ridiculous. This week I lost nothing. Zilch. Exactly the same weight as last week.

My husband, who’s not even on Weight Watchers, just minding what he’s eating a bit more, is losing close to a kilo every week!

I have to call my doctor and ask her to please, please, let me stop taking cortisone tablets. Because I blame them. To 100 %.

Yep, that's me alright. To the right :(

Yep, that’s me alright. To the right 😦



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12650335_10154007939065921_1926757155_nAfter yesterday’s dietary failure I’ve been very careful and accurate today. However, being a weight watcher, Friday nights aren’t all that fun. Luckily for me, my husband is inventive, especially in the kitchen, and tonight he made me banana peanut ice-cream!

All that’s in it is frozen bananas, home made peanut butter (just mix peanuts in a blender) and a bit of milk. And it’s yummy!

What are your best tips for healthy “desserts”? Any guilty pleasures that you can still treat yourself to although you’re on a diet?


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Today I made the mistake of eating first, and counting points after. Lunch, that is. 

On Thursdays there’s ALWAYS pea soup with a side of pancakes on the lunch menu in Sweden. Not kidding. Every Thursday. So I looked at how many points the pea soup was (7), and thought “that’s not bad”. Usually you get 3-4 pancakes, so I said “two please” (well done Emma!), and ate them both. Big mistake 😞 Turns out they were 6 points each… Which left me very few points for dinner.

Ah well, I think I did decently this evening considering my f*ck-up at lunch, no?  

Dinner: half a chicken breast, cottage cheese, an egg, tomatoes and half (!) a slice of bacon.

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…I’ve come to talk with you again. Sigh. I’m back.

It seems my no sugar regime (in all honesty it’s a no candy/ice-cream/desserts/cookies/cake regime) is doing zilch for my weight, so I need to try something else.

Last week I’d lost 0,7 kg, but this week I’d gained them again. Boo 😦

Weight Watchers have a new point system (don’t they always?!), and you’re also able to sync for example a Fitbit to keep track of activity points. Seems pretty smart, except I don’t have one. I’ll bat my eyelids at my hubby, and that should be taken care of though 😉

Has any of you used Weight Watchers latest system? How do you like it? Do you have any suggestions for me? Oh, and do you have a Fitbit?! Which one should I get?

…and what colour?!


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It’s official – I’ve never weighed as much as I do now. Never. And it’s horrible. Mainly I blame the cortisone I’ve been taking for a few years now, and between May and November in very high doses. But obviously, periodically not being able to walk, and feeling sorry for myself hasn’t helped.

I’ve never been on this much cortisone before, so didn’t realize quite how bad it’d be, but let me tell you – it blows. Your body just swells, out of control. These are some of the side effects I’ve experienced:

bloated (1)

  • Dry and thinning skin
  • Bruising or discoloration of skin
  • Insomnia – sometimes
  • Mood changes – in my case, less happy
  • Dizziness – only sometimes, luckily
  • Bloating – oh, hell yes
  • Slow wound healing
  • Changes in the shape or location of body fat – changes in the rapid growth of it!

But you know what’s not even on there? Facial hair. Yep. Cortisone makes you grow a beard. Well maybe not quite, but up close I look like a classic witch/hag with long hairs growing on my chin. Not cool.

Of course, it also gives you weak bones, and bad teeth, but they’re apparently such “minor” side effects they didn’t even make it on the list. Crazy.

So now – no sugar. And once I’ve got that under control I’m joining Weight Watchers again to get whatever help I can to help all this water my body is holding on to out of my system. My Doc said the cortisone kilos should be gone by summer (summer!!!), but I’ll be damned if I can’t give them a good kick up the arse first. Wish me luck please, because I hate myself right now. I avoid mirrors and cameras as best I can, as I can’t even recognize myself.

This. Is. Not. Me


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Also known as 10 weeks till Christmas. Because that’s all there’s left until there’s a knock on the door and a “Ho, ho, ho” can be heard.

Thus, Weigh-in-Wednesdays make their comeback starting tomorrow. Of course, the ultimate goal is to lose 10 kgs for the wedding, but losing 5 kgs till Christmas would be a very good start. Weight Watchers here I come!

Come Christmas, this should be me (without the boob job) 😉

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