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It could’ve been a joke, but it wasn’t.

After talking for a bit with my boss in her room, I returned to my office to notice no less than six missed calls from our “visitor alert system”. I also had an email from the front desk, saying my visitor was waiting for me.

I panicked. Quickly looked in my calendar – nothing. Headed down to the front desk – no one there. They hadn’t taken his name, but said he’d given up waiting on me.

Who the heck was he?! What did he want? Had I forgotten about him? That would be so unlike me…

I did get a bit of a tummy ache, feeling guilty about forgetting something and someone, over lunch. 

After I came back from lunch I received an email from a man saying he’d waited on me, and I hadn’t showed up. He was very direct, almost rude.

I apologised and said I had no recolletion of scheduling a meeting with him. He replied I had spoken to him two weeks earlier, to which I replied I couldn’t have as I was in China. 

At this point I also emailed my colleague to see if she knew who he was, to which she replied: “Yes! I waited for him this morning, but he never showed up!”. 😂

Her name is Sophie, mine is Emma – how do you confuse the two?!

PS. He did email me to apologise.

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In Sweden we have a system for setting wages through collective bargaining. This is part of what I work with.

Today is the last day the collective agreements (CA) are valid, and we needed the negotiations to finish before midnight. Luckily we did!

The new CA is valid for one year, and gives wage increases of 2%.


Most Swedish media was represented at the press conference


Representatives from the employers organisations


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Earlier tonight news of another terrorist attack in Turkey reached us, this time in Ankara. 

It’s insane, what some people are willing to do in the name of…yes, what? What in the world can make people think killing a bunch of other people is the right thing to do? Because the guilty ones are people, just like you and me. Crazy.

And crazy is what they must be.

Of course, part of the goal must be to increase our fear, and they’re succeeding. At least with me. I’m scared of what might happen. I’m not worried in Sweden, perhaps naively, but elsewhere.

What about you? Are you afraid?

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…is the name of Sweden’s competing song in the Eurovision Song Contest in May. After six weeks (!) of competitions on national tv, the winner was elected during the final today.

I was there with my sister and nieces for the dress rehearsal this afternoon. It was awesome!  

Melodifestivalen @ Friends Arena

I’ve cheered for Oscar Zia with his song Human for the last few weeks, but no luck. I think he ended up second or third. 

But, the winner is Frans, a 17 year old that had a hit with a song about the footballer Zlatan 10 years ago. I love that song! 

And the winner is……Frans!

So, yesterday harp and trumpet, today – Melodifestivalen! Things are a changing 😉  

My party people! 🎉😘


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Today is the day of Vasaloppet – the world’s biggest cross-country skiing race. It starts in Sälen and ends in Mora, both in Dalarna. The distance covered is 90 km, which takes the winner just over 4 hrs, depending on the conditions, and your average skier about 9-10 hrs!

For those of us not participating, tradition gives us a long morning on the couch having breakfast, and perhaps blueberry soup 🙂

It always takes place the first Sunday in March and has nearly 16 000 participants. They all start at the same time – 16 000 of them!!! Imagine the chaos… Here’s a video showing the start of the race in 2013:

The history of the race is that Sweden’s first king, Gustav Vasa, escaped the Danish troops on skis between these very towns in 1520. The actual race started in 1922.

Could you ski 90 km? Could you ski for 9-12 consecutive hours?! I could not!

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Last night a Swedish prince was born! Hooray! He is third in the line of succession after his mother, Crown Princess Victoria, and his sister, princess Estelle.

It’s a baby, and they’re not all that fun, but what is fun are names! The King announced that he shall be called Oscar Carl Olof. Carl after our King Carl Gustaf, and Olof after his other grandfather. 

I had two out of three right, but I thought they’d spring some surprise on us for the first name, like they did with Estelle (sounds like an escort). My bet was on Eugene after this guy, or Hubertus after this guy. I’m very pleased with Oscar 😊

Of course, now Oscar will become the most popular name for boys again, but that’s okay because we’ve already decided on a different name (if we get a boy). 

The Royal family on the way home from the hospital 👑🍼🇸🇪


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Last night I checked Twitter before turning the lights out, like I always do. And my heart stopped.

“Taiwan hit by earthquake. Houses in ruins in Tainan”. In Tainan of all places. Where is our orphanage? In Tainan, of course. 

So my heart kind of stopped out of fear. Fear of the orphanage being one of the buildings in ruins, fear the children would be hurt. 

It turns out they’re all okay, but I was so scared. The hurdles we must overcome to achieve parenthood…

Here’s a drone video of the destruction.

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