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I have a nice tradition with an old friend of mine – we go out for dinner and a movie every now and then. Sometimes it’s more regularly, like once a month, and sometimes months pass before we do it. Tonight was the first time since last year.

He’d booked a table at the South East Asian restaurant Farang, where we ordered way too much food. It was all really good though, and I especially recommend their cod tempura – yum!

Cod tempura - yum! Pic from @farangstockholm on Instagram

Cod tempura – yum! Pic from @farangstockholm on Instagram


I had a lovely non-alcoholic cocktail while waiting for my friend to show up. It too was yummy!

After that we headed to the cinema to see Spotlight, the film that won an Oscar for Best Motion Picture of the Year 2015, but that only premiered here in Sweden on Feb 12th. It was a good film, but the story it portrayed was great. I can’t say I took much part of it in 2002 when their findings were published, but it certainly is shocking.

Coming from Sweden, where religion is such a minor issue – if at all present – I can’t comprehend the Catholic church’s impact on people in Boston or anywhere else. I just don’t get it.

I feel very sorry for the children that were subjected to, and molested by, these priests, and obviously hope the responsible burn in hell.

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At last 2015 is coming to an end. It’s been a shitty year for me, as you can read about here, and one I’m glad to leave behind. We’re spending the last few days of 2015, and ringing in 2016, at a friend’s place in Lofsdalen in the Swedish mountains. It’s pretty awesome, as is he. So – 2016 will (at least) begin spectacularly!

Bring. It. On.

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Yeah, so it’s been confirmed that my BFF is expecting her third child. I don’t know when, but I’m guessing May or thereabouts. She did finally call me, and left me a voicemail. We haven’t met, but that’s been my choice. I’ll wait until she’s gained 40 lbs 🙂

But, believe it or not, I’ve also found out my oldest friend (we’ve known each other since we were babies) is expecting. In January! As in next month. And apparently she forgot, or “forgot”, to tell me. Incredible. It’s not as if they don’t know what we’re going through. Last time we met I was crying my eyes out when we talked about it, but I guess she forgot about that too.

What I wish people did was call/e-mail, got in touch somehow, when they discovered they were pregnant and just said it. “I know this isn’t what you want to hear, but….I know you probably won’t be happy, but there it is”. Just say it, goddammit. I do not want to find out on Facebook or Instagram, is that too much to ask?

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100 days remain until I marry my best friend, my darling, my everything.

Wow. So much to get done in that time! We still need to sort out music, the menu, the ceremony, flowers…..to mention a few.

It’s insanely exciting to see the RSVPs drop in though – oh my! People are coming from as far away as Australia and Canada just to celebrate our day, isn’t that amazing? It certainly makes us feel very grateful to have such dear and special friends present for our big day. Love you, peeps!

And so the countdown begins...!

And so the countdown begins…!

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The past few days have made me realize how some of my hobbies are very un-female. They are in fact very male.

This crossed my mind at the soccer game on Wednesday, as I was cherishing the goose bumps I always get when the crowd sings “Vi ser hur solen stiger över RĂ„sunda“, and I was looking around me at all the singing men holding their scarfs up, turning the stadium black and yellow. I couldn’t see a single woman. Not one! I know there are a few (literally) in the area close-ish to where we sit, but none of them were visible at that very moment. And I don’t mind. On the contrary. I like getting a glimpse of what it’d be like “to be” a guy.

The other time I was struck by being one of very few women was yesterday, when A and I were at the Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival. We both love beer (we’ve been called beer snobs more than once!), and A brews his own here at home in the kitchen, so it was a great day for us (we sampled no less than 21 different brews!). Perhaps it comes as no surprise that the majority of the people at a beer event are men, but again – I kind of liked it. Another glimpse into a world that’s not mine 🙂

Good thing I’m wedding planning too, get som balance in my life 😉

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Besides William and Kate, it turns out my cousin Kalle – that’s who. 🙂 A couple of Fridays ago he got married to his dream girl – Camilla. It was a beautiful ceremony in Djursholms Kapell, and I’ve never seen him look so happy! In fact, when he turned around in church and beamed at me I started bawling…

Kalle and I used to go out for drinks once a month, always at the same place, and update each other on the last month’s events: who we had our eyes on, who were dating etc., and I’d always have to listen to Camilla this and Camilla that. And this was way before they were even dating! Very endearing.

I’m so so happy for him, for them both, and we had a great time with family and friends at the reception (held at Djursholms Slott).

The beautiful couple can be seen in the pictures below:

My handsome cousin and his gorgeous bride!

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This past weekend I had the great joy of attending one of my best friend’s wedding – Johan married his Lina, and their son Oskar was baptized at the same time. The wedding was held up north, in Hudiksvall, Lina’s hometown.

A, Alex and I drove up in the morning, and arrived to Alex’s hotel in town in time to get ready there before heading to the church. A gorgeous, big, white church from as long ago as the 12th century – HĂ€lsingtuna kyrka. I don’t know when I last sat on the right side of the church (the groom’s side), but I felt right at home among Johan’s family and friends!

It turned out Lina comes from a very musical family, and I was very surprised when she – the bride – grabbed the mic to sing to Johan at the altar! (Johan was surprised too, I should add ;)). Very cool. Oh! I almost forgot – their son, Oskar, was baptized just after the wedding ceremony, and all the nieces and nephews got to come up to the priest and help out – adorable!

Newlyweds in happy Hudik!

After the ceremony we had wedding cake in the parish house, before the bride and groom drove off in a Chevy Impala, decked out with balloons and a “Just married” sign. We too drove the 20 km to the Heritage farmstead (?) in GammelstrĂ€ng, just on the shore of Lake Norrdellen – just beautiful! We quickly put up our tent, and yes – there were plenty of other people camping, I’ll have you know – bride and groom included! – and headed for the bubbles.

The reception was held in an old barn – brilliant!, and of course there was a seating chart, games, speeches, singing, fantastic food, amaaaazing lemon cheesecake before the dancing started. It was such a good day/night, and Lina was so beautiful – it was all just perfect. Well, maybe not the weather, but at least it didn’t rain. The following day we were all invited to brunch at Lina’s parents place, and again the food was great, as well as the company. Thank you ever so much for a fantastic weekend Johan & Lina – I/we hope you enjoy your present!

It was truly a beautiful wedding, and it gave me many ideas for, if ever, you know… 😉

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Good Lord, that run almost killed me. It was way too warm for me to run 😩 It was a mere 5 km, but painful ones. And I did way worse than last year, just like I predicted. My sister had a great time, and did much better than our last run, and A did awesome, running 10 km in just 49 mins!

After the run we met up with my colleagues and had a lovely picnic, courtesy of ICA – a nice evening (if it only hadn’t been for the run).

The three musketeers!

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I’m about to head out for my second run (as in race) for the year. A couple of weeks ago I ran VĂ„rRuset with my sister, and tonight it’s Blodomloppet again, just like last year. Of course, things are very different this year: I haven’t been able to practice as much this spring because of the knee, but what’s also different is that I have support and company. Today in the shape of both my sister and my boyfriend! Last year I didn’t even get a “good luck”, and this year I get company = score!

Two Teranders' running this year!!!

I reckon I have no chance of beating last year’s time (though it was poor), but oh well, there’s always next year 😉

I’ll report back on how it went later…

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…for another long weekend! Thursday was Ascension day, whatever that means. What it means to me is half of Wednesday off, as well as Friday (squeeze day) = woohoo! I usually go canoeing with my scouts this weekend every year, but this time it was a little different. I’ve been so lucky as to have my good Kiwi friend Kat and her boyfriend Jules (Ninja-monkey) here visiting for the last two weeks, and to round off their Swedish visit we headed out kayaking!

Of course A came with, his first time kayaking. Again, he asked himself why he’d agreed to another of my ideas (remember our Easter XC trip), and “why can’t I please get to try something for an hour before you take me out for three days?”. Hm. He has a point. Oh well, he went from being scared for his life the first day, to very much enjoying the big waves on the last day, and even planning for us to borrow some kayaks in his hometown in summer. Success, I say! 😉

A glorious sunny weekend of kayaking with great friends!

Of course, Kat and Jules are experienced expert kayakers (they are experts regardless of sport!, makes me wonder how we came to be friends in the first place, what with me being so lazy and un-sporty…), so we had great help from them. As usual, I find it hardest getting in and out of the kayak (a fact not helped by renting a kayak with an opening narrower than your hips…doh!).

We spent our three days in St Anna’s archipelago, and camped for two nights on two different islands. It was a fantastic weekend, rounded off with a visit at the renowned ice-cream parlor SmultronstĂ€llet in Söderköping, where we had enough ice-cream to make us all sick…ugh.
Assured we’d properly filled them up after also stopping for Nils Oscar beer in Nyköping, we dropped Kat and Jules off at the airport 😩 So sad to see them go, but after this weekend we have all the more reason to go visit them in Melbourne!

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