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The waiting game is on. Has been for 11 weeks now. Which is nothing, I realize. It could be 11 months until we hear anything… It’s frustrating though. I keep my phone on me at all times in case the adoption agency should call. Of course I have their number programmed on the phone so I’ll see that it’s them calling.

And I can’t wait to go to Taiwan! I get hungry just thinking about it! Over the last couple of months it’s like the universe has shifted a bit more towards Taiwan. Articles and news that normally would’ve never reache us seem to trickle into our Facebook and Twitter feeds. And most of them center around food. Glorious looking, amazing food!

How Taiwan Became The Hottest Food Destination On Earth

25 Things You Must Eat in Tainan, the Culinary Center of Taiwan

It all looks so yummy!

It all looks so yummy!

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