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Last night I checked Twitter before turning the lights out, like I always do. And my heart stopped.

“Taiwan hit by earthquake. Houses in ruins in Tainan”. In Tainan of all places. Where is our orphanage? In Tainan, of course. 

So my heart kind of stopped out of fear. Fear of the orphanage being one of the buildings in ruins, fear the children would be hurt. 

It turns out they’re all okay, but I was so scared. The hurdles we must overcome to achieve parenthood…

Here’s a drone video of the destruction.

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The waiting game is on. Has been for 11 weeks now. Which is nothing, I realize. It could be 11 months until we hear anything… It’s frustrating though. I keep my phone on me at all times in case the adoption agency should call. Of course I have their number programmed on the phone so I’ll see that it’s them calling.

And I can’t wait to go to Taiwan! I get hungry just thinking about it! Over the last couple of months it’s like the universe has shifted a bit more towards Taiwan. Articles and news that normally would’ve never reache us seem to trickle into our Facebook and Twitter feeds. And most of them center around food. Glorious looking, amazing food!

How Taiwan Became The Hottest Food Destination On Earth

25 Things You Must Eat in Tainan, the Culinary Center of Taiwan

It all looks so yummy!

It all looks so yummy!

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Almost there…

…as in, “we’re almost ready to send the papers”. This adoption thing isn’t quick, by any means. We’ve had all our documentation translated to English, and it’s now being translated from English to Chinese. We’re not adopting from China though, but Taiwan. Which to some is the same thing, but I’m siding with the Taiwanese and calling it its own country.

Taiwan used to be called Formosa, Portuguese for beautiful, since the Portuguese sailors sighted the island and called it “the beautiful island” in 1592. The official name of the state is Republic of China, but it’s mainly called Taiwan after the largest island.


The Taiwanese flag – beautiful (just like the old name of the country)!

We’ve decided on Taiwan for a number of reasons. For one it was one of the rather few countries I can adopt from, because of my arthritis. Many countries rule me out instantly 😦 Another reason is that it seems like an amazing country! Both beautiful and successful, with a high standard of living and democratic values. It seems like a country we’d like to return to, many times. Also, the orphanage we’ve chosen seems really good, both in terms of how they take care of the children, but also the mothers. It’s a huge social stigma to become an unwed mother in Taiwan, and since there’s no sex ed in school, many of the mothers are very young. The orphanage ensures the mothers get emotional support, sex ed, job training and counselling. This of course also means that they will have a lot of info on the mother of our future child, and we might even get a chance to meet with her. This is very important to us, to be able to give our child as much information as possible on his or her background. We’re sure it’ll help with some of the questions that for sure will arise in years to come. Also, the mother may be part of the process of choosing us as parents for her child. That feels great too.

It’s a common misconception that adopted children are “chosen” by the adoptive parents. Quite contrary. We’ve picked country and orphanage, “wished” for a healthy and young child, but that’s it. We can’t decide the sex of the child, and we can’t choose between children. When the time comes, we will have been chosen for a child, not the other way around.

Another common mistake is that everyone assumes it’ll be a girl. When in fact a vast majority of the children adopted to Sweden are boys. Last year, in total there was two boys to any adopted girl, overall, but from Asia the ratio was six to one.

We’re hoping the paperwork, including our photo presentation, will all be finished in August so we can finally send our papers off and be “in the game”. Hopefully we’ll be viewed as an attractive option for a child, and hopefully sooner rather than later 🙂 We’re fed up with waiting!

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