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Today I attended an auction at the outdoors store Naturkompaniet after work.

For a few years they’ve had a wall in their store covered with the iconic backback Kånken in many colours.

Back problems among children were increasing in the 60s and 70s, due to heavy school bags being worn only on one shoulder (looking at kids today, I think it’s happening again…). As a means to stifle this development, Kånken was developed by the company Fjällräven in 1978.

I was born in 1977, and was given a Kånken by mom and dad when I started school in 1984. It now looks like this:

22 years later it’s still holding up, and is totally in fashion!

Over the last 5-10 years Kånken has grown in popularity, and are today seen on many hipster backs.

But, back to the auction! The store had decided to re-make their Kånken wall, and decided to auction off the “old” ones for a good cause. Namely, an orphanage in Nepal.

The store’s old Kånken wall

They’d announced the auction on Facebook, and quite a few people showed up.

Pic from the auction, the tack of Kånken to the right.

I managed to buy one for my son. That I of course don’t have yet, but I will in time (sooner rather than later). Why I say son? Because only 1 in 6 children adopted internationally from Taiwan are girls. So we’re sure we’ll have a boy 😊

And, seeing as he’ll probably be 2-3 years old, I’ll just need to hold on to his Kånken for a few years until it’s his turn to start school!

My baby’s backpack! I hope he’ll like his as much as I like mine!

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