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Wow. I mean, like, WOW!!! How anyone can complain about winter when we get days like these, I’ll never understand. This has easily been the most wonderful weekend, weatherwise, of the year! Just incredible.

It’s obvious to me, but it might not be to you: the wide open white areas in the photos and video clip below is of course the frozen Lake Mälaren. Yep, all this activity goes on on the snow covered ice! And yep, it scares the bejeezus out of me every time the ice goes “TJONG!” as a new crack forms, but it’s been cold enough for  long enough for it to be safe. However, one should of course always keep [ice-prods] with them.

Enjoying a winter weekend in Stockholm, capital of Sweden!

I woke up freakishly early yesterday, Saturday, with the sun shining through my blinds before 7 am. I figured I might as well bite the bullet and get up, so I did and headed straight to the gym. I spent an hour there and then whole heartedly spent a good chunk of time cleaning my flat before going upstairs for some fika with my best friend. After that it was time for the Supercup final at Råsunda – a kickoff to the coming season, starting next weekend, if you will. I walked across the lake (kind of like Jesus) to get to the tube; and boy, was it ever nice in the wonderful sun! AIK beat IFK Göteborg (third time in a row now, hehe) and thus won the cup, much to the delight of me and the handful of other supporters that were there. There was a ridiculous turn-out to the game, and one I entirely blame SvFF for.

Then last night I was invited over to a friend’s to watch the Melodifestival, so after a quick (yet healthy!) dinner I headed to Söder, where we had tea and low-fat (of course) micro popcorn. A very good night! Then home, watch more footy on TV and bed. Great day!

This morning wasn’t quite as sunny (got better throughout the day though), so I woke up at nine. Got up, had oatmeal with banana, raisins and cinnamon before getting ready to head out for some XC skiing. Of course, it’s also the day of Vasaloppet, so I put that on the telly for some inspiration 😉 Again I stopped off upstairs for a cup of coffee first (thanks guys!). Then off I went, and I loved, loved, loved it!!! I skied as shown on this map:

This is the route I skied today, according to Google some 6 km!

This was the route I skied today, some 6 km according to Google!

According to Google maps it was about 6 km in total, so not very far at all, and I did it at a very relaxed pace, stopping to take photos and to send and receive text messages. There were so many people out and about – on foot, with prams, jogging, on skis, biking – I’m not kidding! It’s truly been a spectacular day. I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend as well. Now I have to do some work 😦


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Last night I watched the movie “Green Street (hooligans)“. It’s about the firms of two London football clubs: West Ham United and Millwall. For the most part of the film it didn’t surprise or shock me at all, I mean – I go to games and read the papers; I know what goes on. It did have quite a few brutal elements though, and then reading this in the paper today saddens me.

A good film that I recommend to those of you who know nothing about football.

A good film that I recommend to those of you who know nothing about football.

Tonight AIK takes on IFK Göteborg (Blåvitt) in Allsvenskan, and it’s considered a high risk game. In 2002 AIK “supporters” beat a Blåvitt supporter so badly he died 4 days later, and then last year when the Blåvitt team arrived to Stockholm they were attacked both on the train and at their hotel, by the same “supporters”. I say “supporters” because I am a supporter and would of course never fight anyone, not only because I’m a woman, but because it’s first and foremost a bloody game. One I take seriously, yes, but still – please maintain a grip of what’s important in life!

Naive as I am, I hope there’ll be no fights at tonight’s game as I’ve been looking forward to it for almost two months now, and I’ll be drinking (herbal tea, naturally – I’m on a diet!) in  the firms pub – can’t wait to see the guys again!  And of course that AIK wins, though I realize it’ll be a very difficult task (and I said before the season even started that I thought Blåvitt would win the series this year).

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