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Today I travelled through three countries on a train. THREE! On the same train! And it only took 3,5 hrs! I love Europe! (Exclamation point overload).

I got on the train, Thalys, in Amsterdam, after my conference finished, and travelled through the Netherlands, Belgium and France. Final stop for me and the train: Gare du Nord, Paris. Et voila!

It was so convenient. And cheap. My second class ticket cost me EUR 35. There’s no way I could’ve found a flight that cheap. And – I got to see the landscape!

Holland, somewhere between Rotterdam and the Belgian border


Somewhere between Antwerp and Brussels in Belgium

Coming into Gare du Nord in Paris

Coming into Gare du Nord in Paris

It would take close to 5 hrs for me to just leave the country by train if I left from Stockholm… Just saying 😉

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