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…she ate candy 😆 Finally. 

But we started the day at Riddersviks GĂ„rd, where they have a weekend fika spread. Soooo good!

The fika spread at Riddersviks GĂ„rd, all homemade.

And from there we went to the grocery store…

…where I’ve been longing for this:

The candy section at the store!

And all day I’ve been eating candy…mmm, candy!

I deserve this after 100 days!


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Today I went for a forest walk to see if I could see any signs of spring. They were scarce.

It was a 4 km walk on snowy and icy trails, but the sky was clear and the sun was shining – a beautiful day! 

I have a favourite place in the world, called GĂ„seborg, and that was where I headed.

The entrance to GĂ„seborg


“What the heck is GĂ„seborg?”, I hear you ask. The sign will tell you.

I wasn’t alone up there on a beautiful day like this, there were several families bbqing hot dogs and having fika in the sun.

The view is to die for! You can see why it’s my favourite place 😊

On my way back I spotted a couple of Hepatica nobilis leaves, but that was all in terms of the sought after signs of spring… I guess we’ll have to wait a little longer.

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