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…she ate candy 😆 Finally. 

But we started the day at Riddersviks GĂ„rd, where they have a weekend fika spread. Soooo good!

The fika spread at Riddersviks GĂ„rd, all homemade.

And from there we went to the grocery store…

…where I’ve been longing for this:

The candy section at the store!

And all day I’ve been eating candy…mmm, candy!

I deserve this after 100 days!


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25. 25 % done!

The 25th of January means the 25th day of the year, which means I’m 25% done with my 100 days without unnecessary sugar. Woo!

In all honesty, it’s easier to remember not to eat candy etc. every day than it is to remember to blog every day…

Not for another 75 days yet...

Not for another 75 days yet…


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