This afternoon it was time for water aerobics again. 

I had had a busy day at the office, and a colleague caught me just as I was leaving. Stealing my focus.

I had to hurry over to the gym where the pool is, but made it in time. Only to realize I’d left my gear, swimsuit etc., at the office. Doh!

So back to the office I “ran”… I ended up missing the first 10 of the 30 min class 😦 

Doh, Doh, doh!


How many meetings can you have in one day?! Too many!

I was at work for more than ten hours today. That’s too many 😕 Especially since I just get paid for eight…!

Today I had a meeting about our new webpage, a meeting about this year’s seminars in Almedalen (totally worth reading about, here), and a forestry meeting.

After that, at 4 pm, I had to stay on to do some actual work

And now – I’m tired!

96. Working from home

Gosh, you get a lot done when you work from home! No one disturbs you to chit chat etc. It’s awesome.

Unfortunately we’re not allowed to. Office policy 🙁 How old fashioned, eh? 

I’m excused today because doctor’s orders say 24 hrs rest after shots, and though I usually don’t obey, but go to work the day after, this time I’m following orders. 

Are you allowed to work from home? How often?

95. Shots

Not gunshots, but the medical kind. Filled with cortisone. Today I had three of them.  

Two shots in my hand…


Two in my hand, and one in my left hip, where the tendons are attached. 

Now I hurt, and I have no pain killers in the house. I ate them all. I do have morphine, but don’t know if I dare take it…

This is my 11th year as a season ticket holder for AIK, Sweden’s biggest and best team. 

I’m usually very inspired at the start of the season, but this year I’m more like “meh”. Don’t know why.

Anyway, tonight was this season’s first game, against Sundsvall GIF. A game we should’ve won, but only tied… 

The tifo at the start of the game


Here’s an awesome 90 second video – in English! – about the club.

93. TMNT party

Today I attended my first ever TMNT party. TMNT of course stands for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and my niece’s favourite is Mikey. 

Apparently they’re popular again, but only Greta, 6 years old, is nuts about them!

The home made Mikey cake!

92. April fools day

It could’ve been a joke, but it wasn’t.

After talking for a bit with my boss in her room, I returned to my office to notice no less than six missed calls from our “visitor alert system”. I also had an email from the front desk, saying my visitor was waiting for me.

I panicked. Quickly looked in my calendar – nothing. Headed down to the front desk – no one there. They hadn’t taken his name, but said he’d given up waiting on me.

Who the heck was he?! What did he want? Had I forgotten about him? That would be so unlike me…

I did get a bit of a tummy ache, feeling guilty about forgetting something and someone, over lunch. 

After I came back from lunch I received an email from a man saying he’d waited on me, and I hadn’t showed up. He was very direct, almost rude.

I apologised and said I had no recolletion of scheduling a meeting with him. He replied I had spoken to him two weeks earlier, to which I replied I couldn’t have as I was in China. 

At this point I also emailed my colleague to see if she knew who he was, to which she replied: “Yes! I waited for him this morning, but he never showed up!”. 😂

Her name is Sophie, mine is Emma – how do you confuse the two?!

PS. He did email me to apologise.